The Immunology Students’ Association (IMMSA) is a student-run organization representing all students enrolled in the Immunology Specialist and Major Program, as well as those who have taken an ‘IMM’ course at the University of Toronto. Our goal is to promote cohesiveness within the undergraduate department and bringing together students with their peers in the faculty. This is facilitated through academic research seminars, social events, athletic events and other initiatives. IMMSA provides an opportunity for students to get involved in various activities and to offer suggestions and new ideas to make the undergraduate experience as an Immunology student more edifying and enjoyable.

For information on the undergraduate immunology program, please visit the Immunology Department or the Faculty of Arts & Science for detailed program requirements.

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Message from the Director

Alberto Martin smallAlberto Martin
Professor and Undergraduate Coordinator,
Department of Immunology
Director of the Immunology Program,
Trinity College
Dear Students,Welcome to the Specialist and Major programs in Immunology. These programs are designed to educate you about the complexities of our immune system. Through the various courses that our Department offers, you will learn how our bodies recognize and eliminate infectious agents (e.g. parasites, viruses, or bacteria), understand how our immune system fights cancer or becomes cancer (e.g. lymphomas and leukemias), promotes diseases through the process of auto-immunity (e.g. diabetes, lupus, arthritis) and appreciate how allergies have come to be.  As I am sure you are aware, these are topics of great importance in today’s society and applications of immunological concepts will have global implications on research and healthcare practices. On a related note, IMMSA is a wonderful student-run organization that is supported by both the Department of Immunology as well as Trinity College. They host numerous events throughout the year that can help you academically as well as connect you with fellow students and members of the faculty. Achieving success in university is through your participation in a mixture of knowledge-exchange seminars, career networking events, as well as campus-wide socials. We at the Department of Immunology firmly endorses the objectives of IMMSA and congratulates the students in their role of fostering excellence in our community. We hope that you will enjoy what these programs have to offer and we wish you a prosperous undergraduate experience.


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